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Pierre Guertin
Special Counsel


Former senior official at the Quebec Conseil du médicament

Widely recognized as an expert in Quebec and across Canada

Expertise in:
  • Reimbursement
  • Pricing



(514) 866-1551

Professional experience

Pierre Guertin acts as Special Counsel for The JBL Group. Prior to joining the company, Pierre was the Secretary to the Scientific Committee of Quebec’s Conseil du médicament. During the many years that he held this position, he gained a detailed and complete understanding of the processes and the needs of this extremely important public agency. Pierre is well aware of the pressures and responsibilities of the individuals who serve in these capacities and how they must interact with Senior Government Bureaucrats and politicians on a daily basis. 

Originally a graduate in hospital pharmacy, Pierre boasts an unrivalled experience and expertise in Canadian Drug Reimbursement and Pricing that is widely recognized across the country.