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The Consultants at The JBL Group have unique, inside-knowledge of government processes and relationships with key decision-makers and influencers and - most importantly - experience leveraging these advantages to negotiate product Reimbursement and achieve Policy change, on behalf of our clients.  
The JBL Group provides a strategic and integrated approach to Government Relations.  Our consultants have access to cross-Canada network of key contacts within the bureaucracy and at the political level.  The JBL Group has in-depth knowledge of decision-making processes and related networks of influence, knowing who to lobby and when.

 Many pharmaceutical manufacturers in Canada think of Government Relations as dealing only with the Federal Government and its various branches, such as Health Canada and the Patented Medicine Prices Review Board.

While The JBL Group consultants are experienced in dealing with the Federal Government, we find that a great deal of our time is expended in Government Relations with provincial governments.

 Successful Reimbursement Strategies often depend on the ability to discuss issues and negotiate with members of the provincial government. Although significant time is spent discussing these matters with bureaucrats in the various provincial Ministries of Health, it is frequently necessary to involve other Ministries such as Economic Development and Trade, to obtain a successful outcome. The Consultants at The JBL Group have a great deal of experience working with all levels of provincial governments to successfully negotiate product Reimbursement and Policy change. Our Consultants are also skilled in issues management, communication and negotiation – and actively leverage all of these tools to achieve winning results on behalf of our clients.