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The Canadian pharmaceutical market has a multitude of pricing regulations at both the Federal and Provincial levels. It is more critical than ever to our clients that they are armed with the strategic insight necessary to navigate the complex pricing environment in Canada, so that their products can be successfully commercialized here. 
The JBL Group offers a broad range of services related to pricing, including:
  • Strategic Pricing Reviews;
  • Pricing Research and Benchmarking;
  • Price Setting for new product launches; and,
  • Submissions to PMPRB.
Consultants at The JBL Group are experts in crafting Regulatory Submissions to both the Patented Medicine Prices Review Board (PMPRB) and Pan-Canadian Pricing Alliance (PCPA).  The JBL Group is on the leading-edge, handling a number of cases under the new and evolving PCPA process and has negotiated numerous Product Listing Agreements (PLAs) on behalf of our clients.
The JBL Group also offers:
  • PCPA Pricing Negotiations; and,
  • PLA Strategic Negotiation Support.